Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process that brings parties together to resolve their differences through discussion and problem-solving. The mediator acts as a neutral third party who helps facilitate the dialogue but is not the final decision-maker, arbitrator, or judge. Mediation can resolve disputes quickly and satisfactorily without the expense, delay and anxiety of litigation.  And experienced and skilled mediator can make all of the difference.


Judge Klein is a smart, experienced judge and mediator. He has a wonderful personality, listens and analyzes well, and is dedicated to helping people resolve their legal issues.”

Judge Chris Cross JAMS

By offering a neutral and confidential environment for parties to express their needs and interests, discuss options and reach a mutually agreeable resolution, mediation can preserve important relationships.

Mediators can assist with understanding and analysis of legal issues, facts, and share their experience of what judges and juries may do with a case.   This process helps parties understand their cases and make good decisions.

The best solution to any dispute is one reached between the parties with the assistance of a knowledgeable mediator.

Although Judge Klein understands that each dispute presents a unique set of facts and challenges, he is a firm believer that people can most often find resolution to their problems given the opportunity in a confidential setting where honest discussion and problem solving can occur.

James Klein has successfully resolved thousands of disputes as a District Court Judge and Professional Mediator.   He emphasizes mediation in civil cases and complex, and high conflict family law matters.

Beth Klein is a seasoned trial lawyer. Licensed in Colorado, Texas, California and Missouri. She mediates complex civil matters and bet the company litigation. With 200 trials, mass tort and class actions, and both defense and plaintiff personal injury and wrongful death litigation, she can assist you in resolving your case.


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